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New Navigation Option: Social Empty New Navigation Option: Social

Post by DarkMarth on Mon Jul 08, 2013 2:41 am

Okey, I almost have it done, so I am going to tell you guys what i have been working on. Recently, we expanded to new mediums, as an attempt to increase awareness of our community. So far, it appears that our efforts are showing a positive result, and I thank ZeldaFan996 for doing an excellent job. But the question question of how to easily and conveniently navigate from one medium to the next remains. We have created individual threads and a forum dedicated to informing viewers about these other mediums, and that served as a way to direct viewers to these other mediums. 

That is great, but I think there is an easier and more noticeable method of going about this - let's place it in the navigation bar. To do this, I initially decided to that a drop-down menu containing links to these other social media sites . However, issues occurred as I discovered that it was not possible to modify the main HTML source code, directly. So, as an alternative, I decided that creating a separate HTML document (web page), with all the links. And it is now complete, almost. 

One issue remains - the navigation icon. I have created one, but, unfortunately, I still can not get it to appear in the navigation bar. So, the page with the navigation links is available and accessible to everyone. However, the icon is still not appearing correctly. I will continue my efforts to fix this problem. 

Also, if you guys want to change anything on the page I have created (color, images, etc) just let me know. 

(Note: If you are notifying me regarding a flaw or glitch in the web page, please include the browser you are using, its version, whether it is the desktop version (PC version) or mobile version (smartphone/tablet), and if you are using any form of assistive technologies, i. e. a screen reader, because some issues may be specific to these browsers/asistive technologies. If you are uncomfortable revealing any of this information publically, feel free to send me a private message or e-mail).

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