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SmashWorldCommunity Forum Rules (READ BEFORE POSTING)

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SmashWorldCommunity Forum Rules (READ BEFORE POSTING) Empty SmashWorldCommunity Forum Rules (READ BEFORE POSTING)

Post by Lugia2453 on Fri Aug 17, 2012 1:29 pm

Hello, and welcome to the SmashWorldCommunity Forum. We are a gaming community focused mainly on Nintendo video games such as Super Smash Bros. We're a very friendly and welcoming community, and I hope you enjoy yourself here. Before posting, though, make sure you're familiar with the rules of the forum, which is what this thread will talk about.

1. Be friendly to your fellow forum members. No flaming or trolling other members will be allowed.

2. Do not use the forum for the sake of advertising a product, person, or service. Spamming will not be allowed anywhere on the forum.

3. When posting in a thread, make sure you keep things on-topic. If you want to talk about something else, make a new thread for it, or if there is already a thread for the topic you want to talk about, post in that thread.

4. Before posting a thread, search the forum to see if the thread has already been posted. Chances are, the thread you want to post may have already been posted. Duplicate threads will be either deleted or merged with an existing thread.

5. Make thread titles descriptive. Do not use a title such as "Check this out!" or "Question".

6. Do not post in a thread unless you have something to contribute. "Bump"-type posts will not be allowed.

7. Do not "backseat moderate". If a post or thread breaks the rules, report it.

8. All messages must be posted in English and should be easy to understand. No messages in ALL CAPS, 1337, or in a language other than English.

9. No profanity of any kind will be allowed.

10. Do not post anything that is not work safe.

11. Do not talk about piracy or anything that allows a person access to unlawful hardware or software.

12. Do not post personal information such as a person's contact number, real name, or area of residence on the forum.

13. Do not choose a username that has inappropriate and/or offensive content, is disruptive, attacks another member of our forum or other entity, impersonates a member of the forum, or is meant for advertisement.

14. Only one account may be used per member. 

15. Each registered member may upload their own avatar. However, do not upload avatars that are inappropriate for our community and/or avatars that may offend other users. Any avatar that is deemed inappropriate by either the staff or members of SmashWorldCommunity will be deleted. 

16. Each registered member is permitted to create their own personalized signitures. However, signatures that contain messages, images, and/or animations that offend other members or are deemed inappropriate are prohibited. (Note: If you encounter an avatar or signature that is offensive to you or other users for whatever reason, please report it to an administrator for review.)

17. Do not use the private message system for the sake of advertising, trolling or flaming another user, or anything else is offensive or deemed inappropriate.

Moderators and administrators have the right to delete anything that is deemed inappropriate for the forum. All moderator and administrator decisions are final. If you believe a decision was wrong, do not post about it on the forum. Instead, PM the moderator or administrator who made the decision.

Moderators and administrators may, at any time and without notification, make changes and amendments to the forum rules and regulations whenever the need arises. It is the sole responsibility of each individual member to recheck the forum rules and regulations for any changes made.

IMPORTANT: By taking part in SmashWorldCommunity activities, which include (but are not limited to) participating in community discussions, creating and replying to forum topics, and sharing content, you agree to abide by all the rules and regulations that govern SmashWorldCommunity.

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