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Post by Lugia2453 on Sat Aug 25, 2012 5:46 pm

Not only did I do many, many news posts on Super Smash Bros. World, I had some great stages as well. Here are some of my personal favorites; I'll add some more later. When we find a way to make it so we can download stages from here, I'll add download links as well.

Turnback Cave:

Lugia's Stages 8c0c805d

A recreation of Turnback Cave from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum.

Duel Cave:

Lugia's Stages Ce488f67

An enclosed medium stage where you have to aim your smashes to KO. Watch out for the spikes above when you come back on the stage after being KO'd.

Chill Spinner Town:

Lugia's Stages 95c52246

A hybrid stage that fuses ShockBubble's Quantum Spinner, 1Sejanusogijizo5's Chill Capsule, and LinkSam95's Clock Town. Originally made for Jazz_Duo's You Be the Judge contest.

The Colosseum 2011:

Lugia's Stages C994bd46

My take on itsryane's Colosseum stage series. The main inspiration originally came from his The Colosseum 3 stage.

Yoshi Plaza:

Lugia's Stages D20a506e

A hybrid stage that fuses two parts of Delfino Plaza and the right side of the Melee version of Yoshi's Island. Originally made for Shadowstrike14's Generic Gameplay Stage Contest.

Super Smash Bros. World Castle:

Lugia's Stages C38c58a5

What if the administration of Super Smash Bros. World were to have had a castle? Well, this is what I think it would have looked like (at least, what it would look like in Brawl).

Lugia2453 4-Map Mix:

Lugia's Stages B70af53c

A hybrid stage that fuses Battlefield, Castle Siege, New Pork City, and Lylat Cruise.

Small Reactor:

Lugia's Stages 4d69341e

My take on a reactor stage. Reactor stages had originally been popularized by TwilightRaver, and this is my version of one.

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