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Smash World Community's YouTube Channel Empty Smash World Community's YouTube Channel

Post by ZeldaFan996 on Fri Apr 26, 2013 4:56 pm

This thread is for the sole purpose of informing members of how our YouTube channel will be used. If you want to discuss adding features or other items regarding the YouTube channel, please do so in the YouTube Channel Discussion Thread in the discussion forum. This thread is for infomative purposes only.

Our YouTube account ( was created for the purpose of sharing Super Smash Bros. related videos, so as to reach the YouTube community and to grow our own community at the same time. One video will be posted every week, so that we may be able to keep a constant stream of videos coming. This might fluctuate in the future; however, for now it is set at one video per week.

This is where you, the members, come in. You can send me replays of your battles for me to record and put on the YouTube channel. I won't turn down any video, as long as it belongs to one of the categories listed below.

We will have:

-Local matches (commentated or un-commentated)
-Wi-Fi matches (commentated or un-commentated)
-Single player events
-Epic finishes
-Custom stage matches (commentated or un-commentated)

In order to send a video in, simply save your match as a replay, then send me the replay at After that, send me an accompanying PM on this site, because I do not use that e-mail address as my primary e-mail. For snapshots, I would prefer it if you sent the slideshow pre-made, so that it can be immediately posted without having to do any extra work on it.

In addition, some types of matches can be posted with commentary (see list). However, since more work has to be put into it, expect your commentated match to take longer to be posted. If you want to lend your voice for this purpose, either discuss it in the YouTube Channel Discussion Thread, or Private Message me. The more people that are willing to do this, the better off we'll be.

If you have any other questions or suggestions, please discuss it in the YouTube Channel Discussion Thread, or Private Message me if you wish. I'd encourage every one of you to contribute a video of yours on occasion, so that we can keep a steady stream of quality videos coming from our YouTube channel for years to come.

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