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Nintendo Direct 4.17.2013 Summary

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Nintendo Direct 4.17.2013 Summary

Post by Taidow on Wed Apr 17, 2013 1:00 pm

3DS News

#1 Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
- Takes place on Pi'illo Island
- Peach is kidnapped (but that's not news is it?)
- Dream World is only accessed via special pillows.
- Items return and some are used in a 3D view with the Bros. running up to the enemies.
August 11, 2013

#2 Mario Golf: World Tour
- Has Wi-Fi competitive play.
- Will be used in Tournament Competitions to upload scores.
- Will use the 3DS Communities.
- Special Conditions can be applied in matches/tournaments.
- Features local wireless multi-player as well.
Coming Summer 2013

#3 Mario Party
- 7 Game Boards with their own rules. (One resembles Rainbow Road).
- Many mini-games that focus on Speed, Concentration, and/or Luck.
- 81 new minigames.
Coming this Winter

#4 Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
- "New Mode" introduced. Difficulty balance difficulty adjusted to fit handheld gameplay.
- Kongs start with three hearts instead of two.
- More items in New Mode; Portable DK Barrel (call Diddy), Green Balloon (Save from fall), Crash Guard (protect from two crashes in mine cart/rocket barrel)
- Also includes Original Mode which is the same as the Wii version.
- 8 new levels with a new world. (9-1, 9-2, etc.)
- Co-op Gameplay with local wireless play.
Available May 24

#5 Yosh's Island 3DS
- Retains the customary moves, Flutter Jump, Ground Pound, Egg Throw.
- New action utilizing 3DS features.
Release date to be announced later.

#6 Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move
- Downloadable Title.
- Make a path for the minis with limited titles.
- Over 180 stages across 4 different modes.
- Upload original stages and download them.
- 4 different types of minigames.
Available May 9

#7 Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins
- Prequel to Lego City
- Made the city available on 3DS on a smaller scale.
Available April 21

#8 Swapnote
- Users will receive special messages.

#9 Animal Crossing: New Leaf
- New 3DS XL Bundle that includes an pre-installed version of the game.
- $219.99
Available June 9

#10 Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons
- Will be for the 3DS eShop.
Available May 30

#11 Localized Games
- Bravely Default: Flying Fairy
- Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy
Available 2014

#12 New Upcoming eShop Titles
- The Starship Damrey
- Bugs vs Tanks
- Attack of the Friday Monsters: A Tokyo Tale
Coming Soon

#13 Shin Megami Tensei 4
- Every copy of the initial shipment will come with a Music CD, Strategy & Design Book, Collectible Outer Slip Case.
Coming July 16

#14 Legend of Zelda
- Will use the top-down perspective, similar to A Link to the Past.
- 3D Display will be used to see different area positions.
- Link can become a drawing and move within walls. Can be used to travel in unseen places.
- 3D Video is available on the eShop

Wii U news

#1 Super Luigi U
- Same World Map as NSMBU but the stages are all changed.
- Luigi has the high jump and still slides when dashing and stopping.
- Courses start with 100 seconds so more obstacles designed for replayability.
Coming Summer 2013

#2 Spring System Update
- Faster loading times
- Ability to copy and move data between two USB Drives
- Install software while playing other games.
- Automatically download system updates "without even starting up the software."
- Press B button during startup to go directly to the Wii Menu.
- Download and Install software even when the system is off.
Available Next Week

#3 Virtual Console
- Some of the starting games are,
-- Donkey Kong Jr.
-- Excite Bike
-- Super Mario Bros. World
-- Mario Bros.
-- Super Mario Bros. 2
-- Kirby Super Star
-- Ice Climber
- Each can be played in Off-TV mode like the current Wii U VC games and all will have their own communities on Miiverse.
- If you transferred from Wii to Wii U, you can get the Wii U versions for the discounted price.
- GameBoy Advance and Nintendo 64 games will come in the future.
Available Next Week, one day after the system update.

* EarthBound
- Going to be available in the Americas and Europe as a Virtual Console game by the end of this year.

EDIT: More games can be found here:

#4 Wii U Panorama View
- Similar to the Google Maps but uses video. Looks like footage from tours.
- Demo includes some samples.
- Video Tours can be purchased for $2 each.
Free Demo Next Week, after the update.

#5 Pikmin 3
- Winged Pikmin confirmed.
-- Pink/Magenta, have wings, so they fly.
-- Fly stuff to onions and can fly over water.
-- They have their own onion.
"Launching in just a few months."


Release Date: August 4 (noo! It's so far away! Although it's just a few days before my birthday so I'll have a good birthday week)

#6 Game & Wario
- Variety of mini-games and all use the GamePad in unique ways.
- Minigames include Pirates, Fruit, Shutter, Gamer.
- Unlock Prizes.
Available on June 23.

#7 Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
- Beginner Videos are available on Youtube.
- Recent update allows for Off-TV Play.


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Re: Nintendo Direct 4.17.2013 Summary

Post by ZeldaFan996 on Wed Apr 17, 2013 1:19 pm

Wow, what a huge update!

While all of the 3DS games look really nice, I'm really looking forward to that spring system update for the Wii U. I'd use every single one of those features described there, so I'm really looking forward to that.

And we're finally getting Earthbound on the Virtual Console? ITS ABOUT TIME!

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Re: Nintendo Direct 4.17.2013 Summary

Post by Taidow on Wed Apr 17, 2013 1:26 pm

Don't forget Kirby's Adventure released right now on the Wii U eShop.

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Re: Nintendo Direct 4.17.2013 Summary

Post by Lugia2453 on Wed Apr 17, 2013 1:38 pm

It's great to see a Zelda game like A Link to the Past. I'm also excited to see Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages coming as Virtual Console games. Although, I'd really like to see Kirby's Dream Land 2 come to the 3DS' Virtual Console in North America. EarthBound is great to see - fans have been waiting for it to come to the Virtual Console since the heyday of the Wii. Yoshi's Island 3DS is another game I'm excited for. I haven't played a Yoshi's Island game in a while, so this is exciting for me. It's also great to see another handheld Mario Party. Hopefully we'll see online play for the first time in the series.

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Re: Nintendo Direct 4.17.2013 Summary

Post by DarkMarth on Wed Apr 17, 2013 1:46 pm

I was expectingng a new 3DS system. But I can't was for the legend of Zelda games... And Animal Crossing.

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Re: Nintendo Direct 4.17.2013 Summary

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